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You can enjoy scuba diving easily even if you have never done diving before.
We will hold your hand and swim together while you are under the water. There's no need to worry. You will be amazed for sure.


Snorkeling is very easy.
Wetsuits and a life jacket will keep your float all the time.
You can see many tropical fish,corals and beautiful blue light. Everyone has a chance to see them so why not try?


If you want to go diving and snorkeling, then this is the course for you.
You snorkel and get into the Blue Cave. After that you dive in the sea to meet lots of friendly fish and you can even feed them.
How deep can we go? It's up to you.


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沖縄ダイビング/青の洞窟 【voice plus】

【voice plus】では、さまざまな沖縄ダイビングツアーをご用意しております。